01 SEP 2020

How Ed-Tech is helping to reduce the student’s practical skill gap?By SkillxPro

With the advent of digitalization and easy access to high-speed internet service, many businesses are migrating online to take advantage of the growing popularity and to meet the demand of the changing trends.
The education sector is not left behind; the last few years have seen a steady shift in students trying or even preferring online education. We have come across terms such as e-learning and Ed-tech often in recent times.

If you are planning to build your career in project law or if you want to know more about the subject, keep reading.

What do you mean by Ed-Tech?

Education technology or Ed-Tech as it is popularly known is creating and applying various technological tools that include the software, hardware, and processes to facilitate and promote online courses or online education.

In simple words, Ed-Tech can be explained as a focal point where the education system and technology meet each other.

These changing times have revolutionized the method of education with the new pedagogy of Ed-tech making its way in the middle, especially at these times where-in education is not restricted to learning in a traditional classroom setting with a chalk and board but through the use of technology.

Ed-Tech is changing the way education is now imparted, the benefits of online courses are that it provides an alternative to traditional education and learning and engaging students with new technology, and innovative learning formats. At the same time, it helps educators to customize the solution for each student. As, per one study starting 2020 Ed-tech industry may see growth up to $ US, 200 billion.

Ed-Tech is changing the landscape of education in many ways. With the technological advancement, the education sector is getting a much needed shot in the arm.

We can briefly enumerate some advantages of online courses to understand how it benefits education practice and method.
  • Personal attention
  • Traditional classroom teaching is a chalk and board system of teaching where one teacher attends to many students. There is no guarantee of personal attention, whereas Ed-tech uses different tools like AV technology, AI, graphical interfaces, etc. to impart education.
    In online courses, there could be one-to-one interaction between the teachers, and the student or one-to-many but there are higher chances of personal attention to each student as the teacher has a choice to restrict the number of students.

  • Flexibility
  • In the case of Ed-Tech, there is a lot of flexibility as the students can learn from the comfort of their home and the same is the case of teachers, they can set convenient timings for classes. This helps to increase the attendance span of the student.
    Whereas in traditional education there are fixed schedules that need to adhere to. And with the proliferation of smartphones, students can literally have education at their fingertips.

  • Bespoke learning
  • Unlike traditional education where we experience one size fit all approach where the requirement of every student is not taken into account, in Ed-tech you get a chance to customize the learning pattern as per the individual need of the student thus enhancing the learning experience for students.

  • Niche subjects
  • With Ed-Tech you can know about the emerging sectors that are not a part of the traditional education system like the project finance law or litigation and civil matters or direct and indirect taxation law taught at the leading Ed-tech companies SkillxPro, such specialized courses which are in hight demand but are either not taught elsewhere or a very few colleges and institutes teach them.

  • Affordability
  • Another benefit of online course learning is affordability. The cost of setting up adequate infrastructure and maintaining other hardware and software costs is a costly affair. But with Ed-tech it is very affordable compared to traditional education pattern as the operational cost is less as you pay for only what you avail.

Some top Ed-Tech companies in India are changing the way the education scene of the country which will be beneficial in the long run; they are emerging as a major businesses. Let us see a few of the main Ed-tech companies in India and how they are influencing the education industry in the country.

BYJU's – This is one of the leading Ed-tech companies established in almost a decade ago provides online courses for all the major competitive exams and academic education from the 6th to 12th standards. There are more than 10 million subscribers who use Byju's.

Cuemath – They are a specialized Ed-tech company that focuses only on mathematics as a subject, their USP is that they have a small batch of only 6 students per session, and they teach students how to get easily acquainted with mathematics.

Toppr – Founded in 2013 this Ed-Tech company is primarily into online exam preparation for academic as well as competitive exams in India. They have interactive video sessions where you can clear your doubts, practice test sets, etc.

SkillxPro – One of the emerging Ed-tech companies with a focus on providing online courses in niche subjects such as project finance law, litigation and civil matter, etc mainly related to law as a career. It is their forte as hardly any institute teaches such subjects.

If you are studying law as a career and looking to pursue a specialized law subject that bridges the gap between theoretical knowledge and practical exposure in addition to acquiring skills that can make you outshine, visit SkillxPro to check out our industry-leading courses for law students as well as graduates.

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