Frequently Asked Questions

SkillxPro is a platform that helps a learner to gain relevant industry skills which are provided by the industry experts themselves. These are applied skills that one gains only after years of practical work experience. Having these skills makes you far more employable than your peers and gets you ahead in your career.

Although most SkillxPro courses are 100% online with one live session every month with an industry expert, every course can have slight variations in format - details to which can be found on the individual course page and course FAQ.

Our team of experts has designed the content to be engaging with complete focus on skilling aspect of the specialization area. You'll get a mix of video lectures, pdf reading materials and reference links with assignments at the end of each lesson to assess your development.

Yes, on completion of the course with passing marks you get a certificate jointly issued by SkillxPro and the industry partner. This certificate is a proof for the recruiters that you have acquired real world skills in the relevant specialization area. SkillxPro Career support team requires this to provide you with necessary help in landing a job/internship.

Pick a course of your interest and enroll the course by using 'Enroll Now' link on the course landing page or on the homepage.

Yes, a lot of effort and time have been put in developing a course so a course fee is applicable. But trust us we try our best to keep the costs at minimum because we believe that learning should never stop. Not for monetary reasons at the least.

Downloading video and few other content types are not allowed. But there are downloadable reading material which you can refer to while taking classes. All course content can be streamed on our website.

Even though we have structured a time frame to complete a course, all the courses are 100% online which means that you can complete at your own pace. But we encourage you to complete the course in stipulated time to obtain benefits of our career support.

You can post your doubts in the discussion forum so that one of our mentors or even your peers can help in clearing your doubts. Or you could keep a track of all your questions and send the same to us when the live mentor session link is shared with you. The mentor will address your subject related queries in the live session.

Every course has a dedicated FAQ section where you can get answers to frequently asked questions on the courses.

You can sign up by clicking on the user icon on the top-right or the system will ask you to sign up when you enroll a course. Or you can just use this linkto sign up.

Login to your account and click on Profile to access and edit it.

Login to your account and click on link 'Password' to change your password.

Right now there is no provision to login using social media account but we are working on it. Soon you will get the social login facility.

Once you find a course that interests you, you can click on 'Enroll Now' link on the course landing page. This will take you to payment page where you can pay using various payment options.

Any discount applicable on the course can be found on the course landing page. You can also apply a coupon code if you have one to get the additional discount.

SkillxPro courses cannot be downloaded but can be streamed through our website. There are some readable content which can be downloaded for reference.

Please contact us at [email protected] and we'll resolve it for you.

Preparatory Support*: Once you have completed the course, you shall be eligible for 1-on-1 mentoring from SkillxPro’s recruitment expert that shall guide you through the process of recruitment process including vetting of CV and preparation for interviews.

Access to Opportunities*: Profiles of students will be circulated in SkillxPro’s network of firms and companies. It's more about how to inculcate data-driven leadership in the current job and plan a transition in the medium-to-long run. Moreover we guarantee you an interview if you meet the eligibility criteria.

*Note: Career support, interviews and other related services are applivable only for users who have subscribed to our full time course and are not applicable for users of masterclass and other short-format courses. To confirm if your course is eligible for career support, please contact us at [email protected]

You need to get assessed in a course of your interest and make sure that you clear the cut off mentioned in the course details to become eligible for a guaranteed interview.

You will be provided an opportunity with a relevant firm and role matching to the skills you gained at SkillxPro and your curriculum vitae.

Once you fulfill the eligibility criteria, our career support team will get in touch with you to help you with interview preparation. Once both the parties are satisified with your prep, we'll contact our recruitment partners to arrange the interview.

Please visit our Career support link to know how our Career Support works.